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Workspaces (offices, lobbies, and public areas, including elevators). Dust, wipe and disinfect desk and all other hard surfaces; empty trash and recycling bins. 

Conference Room


Clean and sanitize touch-points on equipment; clean mirrors and windows; dust light fixtures; sweep exercise area; clean and disinfect mats; sweep, mop and vacuum floors; sanitize benches, lockers doors, and other touch-points in locker room; clean and sanitize shower curtains, stalls, doors and fixtures; empty trash bins; refill dispensers.

Gym Equipment


Clean and disinfect all bathrooms; clean and disinfect inside and outside of toilets; clean mirrors, countertops and sinks; wipe and disinfect dispenser, door handles, doors and light switches; sweep and mop.

Accessible Bathroom


Dust and clean the walls; dust and clean the lights and fixtures; dust and clean the windows and window handles; dust and clean the door and door knobs; dust and clean the furniture; mop and clean the floor; clean and clear the lobby, sanctuary and nurser; clean the bathroom floors.

Church Pews
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